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Richard Porter is the principal photographer at Unusual Exposures Photography and Digital Art ( When he is not shooting, planning or editing, Richard can be found working in his apiary, cavorting with friends, getting dirty in his garden, and enjoying all that life has to offer.

Cayo Costa State Park

It was an escape from the routine and hurried frenzy of daily life at home. Until we were loaded and away from the ferry dock on Pine Island, did I feel like I had started to leave busy-ness behind. We … Continue reading

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What is Green Design?

In response to Miguel Verissimo’s query to the “Green Design” on-line group. Miguel, you asked originally what "Green Design" means to ‘us’, in light of three observations concerning the design (and build) community of professionals: (1) the key concept of … Continue reading

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Energy Efficiency – Myth Busting

I recently came across a new/old article concerning the common myths about energy efficient building construction, renovating for energy efficiency and home maintenance for energy efficiency. The article was written by Martin Holladay (Editor, Energy Design Update) and appeared in … Continue reading

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Green Buildings – What are they?

In the past few years green building or green construction has become a much examined topic, rejected (in practicality) by many, embraced (in action) by few (most everyone talks “green”, fewer do it). It carries an unnecessary association with “elitism” … Continue reading

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Passiflora edulis – Passion Fruit Vine

On our road to self-sufficiency we acquired a few tropical fruit plants at the 2007 rare plant sale in Palmetto (see Manatee Rare Fruit Council for the news concerning their annual sale). Among them was a passion fruit vine – … Continue reading

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Backyard Beekeeping – Conservo Mellis Urbanus

Our foray into urban beekeeping has begun in full earnest with the arrival, swap and inspection of our Carniolan hives. We do like our girls. The excitement began in December (2008) when we learned that we were allowed to keep … Continue reading

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I do so enjoy foggy moments. Not the cerebral kind, but the thick inky times at dawn or dusk, or under a bright moon. Times when the world slows down and imagination fills in the murky distance with our greatest … Continue reading

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